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At Chichester Pet Salon we understand that dogs are valued members of the family.


We have Emma the groomer who is fully-qualified, and who works 1-to-1 with the dogs and we have Jan the manager of Chichester Cattery and Pet Salon who is a dog behaviourist and psychologist. Jan also has a certificate in canine first aid and also comes in on occasion to help Emma with the ones who need a little more extra attention and love to overcome any fears of grooming.

The dogs' welfare is always our priority at all times!

When you bring your dog to Chichester Pet Salon for grooming, you are putting your trust in us that we will look after them and treat them with love, patience and kindness that they deserve. This is why Emma and Jan offer a different dog grooming experience to the normal salon. 

We work with your dog and cater to your dogs needs. We never push a dog to their limits and we go at their pace especially if they're more on the nervous side.

Prices vary on breed, size, temperament, service, coat condition, extra time, fleas etc.


For more information give us a call and speak to either Emma or Jan for grooming.


We also offer loyalty cards to those who are regular or are thinking about becoming a regular customer!

Make a reservation request with us today!

Thanks for your reservation request. We'll be back in touch soon!

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